Current Students

Annie Lemieux


Counselling Psychology Excellence Funding 2023

Kelsey is interested in the childhood mental health antecedents of substance use and misuse in adolescents. Specifically, her research focuses on disentangling the effects of trajectories of anxiety and depressive symptoms in the prediction of substance use and misuse in adolescence in children with and without conduct problems.

Olivia Crescenzi

Ph.D. student, 2023-present

FRQSC Doctoral Scholarship; Counselling Psychology Excellence Award 2023

Olivia’s research focuses on experiences of victimization among youth with conduct problems. During the MA, she examined peer victimization and internalizing problems as mediators in the association between early CP and adolescent medical service use. Presently, she is interested in exploring gender-based victimization and substance use in kids and adolescents with CP.

Émilie Fletcher

Ph.D. candidate, 2020-present

SSHRC Doctoral Scholarship; FRQ-SC Doctoral Scholarship (declined); Faculty of Education Dean’s Entrance Scholarship 2020

Émilie is interested in the development of substance use and gambling behaviours amongst youth with a history of conduct problems. Her current research examines how developmental trajectories of externalizing and internalizing mental health problems from childhood to adolescence predict addictive behaviours in adolescence.

" We seek to understand more about the modifiable risk and protective factors leading to increased mental health problems later in life. "